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Scleral Lenses for Keratoconus

Keratoconus (keh-rah-toe-cone-us) is an eye condition caused by the progressive thinning of the round, dome-shaped cornea, which causes a cone-like bulge.

The name “keratoconus” derives from the Greek words “kerato” (cornea) and “conus” (cone-shaped), which describes the shape of the cornea in this disorder.

Glasses and regular contact lenses can’t offer adequate vision correction for people with keratoconus because they don’t mold to the cornea’s shape. Scleral contact lenses, on the other hand, avoid corneal contact and provide clear vision while being comfortable.

What are Scleral Lenses?

what are scleral lensesScleral lenses are customized for individual patients, which is why they offer visual clarity and comfort for people with corneal irregularities.

They vault over the cornea and rest on the sclera (the whites of the eyes), which prevents discomfort and avoids further damage to the cornea. Additionally, the pure saline solution reservoir between the back surface of the lens and the front of the cornea promotes healing.

Even though both rigid gas permeable (GP) lenses and scleral lenses offer sufficient oxygen to the eyes, scleral lenses provide greater comfort and more stable vision.

If you’re dealing with keratoconus and seeking relief, contact Dr. Santrell Hart-Moreland at Elevated Eyecare for help. We serve patients from McDonough, Stockbridge, Ellenwood and Jonesboro in Georgia.

Two Major Benefits of Scleral Lenses for Keratoconus

1) Scleral Lenses Provide More Comfort

Unlike traditional gas permeable contact lenses, scleral lenses offer a more comfortable fit, making them ideal for patients with sensitive eyes, eye injuries and irregularly shaped corneas.

Their larger size means they cover a greater, less sensitive area, so the eyelid doesn’t catch the edge of the lens, providing a comfortable experience during blinking.

Additionally, because they rest on the sclera, they don’t touch the cornea, which reduces he risk of abrasions and protects the eye’s surface. They’re also made from gas permeable materials, which allows oxygen to reach the eyes.

2) Scleral Lenses Offer Improved Vision

Scleral lenses offer improved visual acuity. Patients with keratoconus typically have clearer vision with scleral lenses than with glasses, with their vision typically improving to 20/30 or even 20/20.

What Changes Will I Notice with Scleral Lenses?

After you’re fitted properly with scleral lenses, expect gradual improvements in visual clarity, color, and detailed contrast.

The comfort will enable you to wear your custom-made scleral lenses all day long, allowing you to continue doing what you love with improved vision.

Should I See An Eye Doctor Experienced in Fitting Keratoconus Patients with Scleral Lenses?

improved vision with scleral lensesIt’s essential to see an eye doctor that’s experienced with fitting scleral lenses for keratoconus patients.

Every patient’s keratoconus case varies in severity and corneal measurements, which is why every patient needs precise customization.

At Elevated Eyecare, we have the expertise needed to accurately fit specialty contact lenses.

Contact us to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards improving your quality of life.

Our practice serves patients from McDonough, Stockbridge, Ellenwood, and Jonesboro, Georgia and surrounding communities.

“I loved my visit from start to finish. The Elevated Eyecare staff is friendly, caring and knowledgeable. The eye exam that I had for keratoconus was incredibly thorough and Dr. Santrell Hart-Moreland explained all the results very clearly. He fitted me for scleral lenses, and now my eyes feel so comfortable that I frequently forget that I’m wearing contact lenses.“


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