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Discover the Benefits of Our Patient Referral Program

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What Sets Us Apart:

Our Elevated Loyalty Program rewards your loyalty and referrals
with exclusive perks and exciting gifts. As a valued patient, you
have the opportunity to elevate your eyewear experience and unlock
a world of benefits.

How it works:

The concept is simple: refer patients to our clinic and earn points towards remarkable rewards. Once you reach certain referral milestones, you will progress through different levels, each offering unique advantages.

Referral Milestones and Reward Levels:

Bronze Level (11 - 25 Referrals):

As a Bronze Level member, you'll enjoy enhanced
privileges that make your eyewear journey even more delightful.

Silver Level (25 - 39 Referrals):

Progress to the Silver Level and gain access to a range of exclusive benefits and surprises.

Gold Level (40 - 50 Referrals):

Attaining the Gold Level elevates your experience to new heights, granting you additional privileges and exciting rewards.

Platinum Level (50+ Referrals):

At the highest level of our Elevated Loyalty Program, Platinum Level members enjoy the most extraordinary perks, including top-tier gifts and exceptional service.

Unlock Your Rewards:

Once you reach a specific level, you will unlock a variety of benefits, gifts, and more. From free pairs of prescription glasses to stylish prescription sunglasses, the rewards are designed to enhance your eyewear collection and amplify your satisfaction.

Join the Elevated Loyalty Program today and experience a whole new level of loyalty rewards. Referrals not only help others discover exceptional eye care but also bring you closer to remarkable perks that reflect our gratitude for your trust and support.

Visit our clinic or contact us to learn more about the Elevated Loyalty Program and start your journey towards amazing rewards.

Note: For detailed information on each level and associated perks, please refer to our program guidelines or speak with our friendly staff.