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Ocular Aesthetics and Dry Eye Syndrome

Ocular Aesthetics refers to the promotion of comfortable and clear vision through the use of techniques and technologies primarily designed to tighten skin and enhance your overall appearance of well-being.

One of the primary uses of ocular aesthetic services is to treat dry eye. If your eyes are red, if they’re burning, if they’re watering all the time, if your lids are puffy because you’re rubbing them all the time, we need to address that so that you can see comfortably and clearly.

Dry eye affects all people of all ages, all races. So especially right now, when we have a community that’s based on screens, everything we do is based on a screen. We look at computer screens, we look at our phones, we watch TV. All of these things mean that everyone at this time is probably suffering from some form of dry eye, whether it be very mild to the very severe. So when we treat dry eye syndrome, we can improve the comfort of the eye, we can restore your vision, and we can enhance the natural aesthetics of the eye.

Services and Treatments

So let’s talk about some of the services and the treatments that we provide:

Tempsure Envi- This is a procedure using radio frequency, delivered through a specilized wand that helps to direct the frequency. The radio frequency helps stimulate collagen growth on a cellular level in the skin around your eyes. Not only does this help you look younger, but it also helps with dry eye because by increasing the collagen, we’re going to increase your blink reflex muscle, so that when you blink, you’re going to get a nice strong blink that’s going to express the oil in those MGD glands. And that can help a lot with your dry eye.

Low Light Level Therapy (LLLT)- This is another way to stimulate collagen growth in the skin around the eyes. This time it uses different levels of light to stimulate growth. We primarily use LLLT when we’re treating chilesians and styes and things that you get along your lashes, your lash line and your eyelids.

Blephex– We use this to treat blepharitis, which results from too much bacteria build-up from debris and dirt at the base of your eyelashes. It can cause swelling and itchiness of the eyelids, as well as dry eye symptoms. Blephex is a deep cleaning of the eyelash line, top and bottom using a specialty cleaning tool. If you often wear false eye lashes or makeup around your eyes, this is a good procedure to have on a regular basis. You get your nails done, you get your hair done, you need to come see us and get your Blephex done too, in between your eyelash appointments.

LipiFlow- This procedure is specifically targeted to treat MGD. We put some mild clamps on the eyes.

They are not painful at all. It warms up and it heats up and it starts to agitate that oil in the glands to help clear out the whole entire gland. That way when you blink, your oil is expressed the way it’s supposed to be. That oil is going to help keep your tears on your eyes longer, therefore keeping your eye lubricated and hydrated at the same time.

Latisse- In certain glaucoma drops, one of the side effects was eyelash growth. A very small amount of that same property or chemical is used in an eyelash serum called Latisse, which has now been shown to be very effective in growing longer, thicker eyelashes.

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